Essays on Childhood & Longridge Editors

Esse Diem covers a wide range of issues, yet holds the value of childhood experience and spiritual development as a center of gravity. Special original projects include Essays on a West Virginia Childhood and Essays On Childhood: A Sense of Place.

The Essays on Childhood (EOC) project is now a product of Longridge Editors LLC.  This product supports, nurtures, and promotes writers of creative nonfiction to reveal both personal and universal childhood experience.   Services provided to clients include:

  • Technical assistance and writing resources;
  • Networking opportunities with other writers;
  • Editing services and other feedback on written work and concepts;
  • Promotion of writers and their work through social media outlets and partners of Longridge Editors LLC.

Please email with any questions about becoming a client!  We want to partner with you to improve the quality and performance of all your written work.

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