And So the Obsession Begins

That’s right, I am now the proud owner of the FestivALL 2010 “T” by Jim Probst!  Last year I convinced Mark Wolfe to sell me his “T” and I like to think that initiative had a little something to do with this year’s E-bay auction to benefit all of the artists and FestivALL itself.

So that’s all good….but now I have 2 sequential years of “T”s in the house.  What do they say, do it 3 times and it’s a habit? 

I can just see it 50 years from now.  My grandchildren come to help clean out the house after my death (for the record, I plan to be found with a smile on my face in bed with a one pound bag of peanut M & M’s, but that’s another story).  They bring some friends from college with them because it’s a big job, and when they open the front door the kids just stand wide-eyed in amazement…….the house is full of almost nothing but sculptures of the letter T.

To a T...and a T, and a T

I will have had to move everything else out over the years.  T’s will be on the walls, but also used as chairs, stools, and tables.  Out back they will be stools around the firepit, stepping stones through the garden, and propped as ladders against trees.  When they find me with my M & M’s my body will be resting on an extra-large T, commissioned one year in my honor of course, to serve as my bed.  Many artists will have competed for this amazing honor, and eventually this particular piece will be donated to the Smithsonian.

Finally one of the kids will find his breath and ask my grandaughter, “What….what was up with your grandma?”

She will smile that little heart-shaped smile she inherited from my daughter and say something mysterious like, “It’s a family secret, but let’s just say when she liked something, she went all the way.”

The Barn

I discovered Ryan Russell when my husband gave me the painting “Barn in Ground Fog” as an engagement present several years ago.  (A similar painting is shown on the gallery link here.)

Our barn hangs in our living room, a reminder every day of the shelter and  home that is our relationship.  I plan to say a lot more about The Barn and what it means in my life, through my marriage but also my friendships.

For now, I just want to share the image and the idea.  I’ve been up since 3:30 a.m., concerned about a lot of things that are not stable and secure in my world.  But I’m here writing downstairs under the calming shadow of The Barn, both the painting and the love.

He’s resting peacefully upstairs.