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Gail Godwin, author,

Why is it, if anyone asked me, “What are you most interested in?” I would not answer the truth. What is the truth? What interests me most in the world is my reactions to other people and their reactions to me.

And what is it I should answer? Rather, what is it that would be acceptable to answer?

“Oh, the situation in Vietnam . . . other people . . . just life going on around me.”

Lies, all lies.

I think most people are interested in themselves. Then, as you get into the more introspective classes of people, they begin to study reactions.

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…..Long White Bones and the Rest All Gone….

In the spirit of the Halloween season and in an effort to get out of my comfort zone, I just entered some titles in a competition with Narrative magazine.  Called “The Haunted Title Challenge,” the question is “Can you craft the perfect title that will put your reader in suspense before the story even begins?”

(A big shout out to my brother-in-law who proposed a former Waffle House menu item slogan: “Diced, Smothered, Covered, and Scattered.”  100% guarantee this is real, I remember it.)

I write about a variety of things, but I’ve never written about something creepy on purpose.  The titles I submitted are listed below.  If you have time, please vote for your favorite, and I may end up writing a short story about it.  Some of these titles are downright disturbing even to me, but that’s what happens sometimes when I wake up with my mind running in the middle of the night. 

Never fear, the Forces of Goodness and Light will be back next week!

Happy Halloween from Esse Diem:

  • The Scraping
  • Blood and Cockroaches
  • Mary Elizabeth’s Strangled Doll
  • Evil Candies
  • The Devil’s Dark Soil
  • The Resurrection of Hattie’s Leg
  • The Rabid Ghouls Turning Station
  • On Capturing the Souls of the Tiny
  • How to Swallow Swarms
  • The Vengeance of John Henry: A Ghost Story

Image credit: Elizabeth Gaucher