Collards on the Long Ride Home to Jesus

Lest anyone think of my previous post that there is nothing but torment on FM radio in the South, I submit the following pieces of generous brilliance from 91.7 FM WSGE which I picked up just outside of Davidson, North Carolina.  I heard these three songs in this order back-to-back and felt so crazy-happy afterward I thought I might fly the next 200 miles to West Virginia.

No kidding, if I lived in the listening area I would tune to this station and listen to nothing but this action for the rest of my life.  I like lots of other kinds of music too, but this kind really digs into the things I love the most.  Crazy Southern humor + food, plaintive lonely road stories, and a throwdown shout out to Jesus.  That about covers it.

For the record, my daughter was almost named Mavis after Mavis Staples.  100% true fact.

This stuff makes a person glad to be a part of the human family.  Turn them up and have a great weekend!  (Fatback needs about 90 seconds to really take off, but believe me, it’s worth it.)

Presenting Scoot Pittman, Fatback:

Presenting Patty Griffin, Long Ride Home:

Presenting Mavis Staples, Wonderful Savior: