Stodgy is Sexy

kate spade v. dansko

Yes, you heard that right!  As they say on their site, “It’s a movement.”  And not a moment too soon for this lady, I must confess………

I considered posting this photo several days ago, but didn’t really know what to say about it.  Is it a “before and after motherhood” photo?

Well, yes and no.

Is it a “I don’t go to parties, I go to the grocery store more than once a day” photo?

Well, yes and no.

It’s so much more, friends…..and now I know what it really is.  It’s the Stodgy is Sexy photo submission of the day!  Visit their site and join the revolution.  And bring your sensible shoes, will ya?

“The movement has begun. Arrogance is out. Conspicuous consumption is out. Risk is definitely out. In the ways we spend, dress, invest, and consume, we are returning to old values like thrift, simplicity, and basic common sense. Stodgy? Absolutely.

And stodgy is a good thing. Stodgy is sexy.”

100% unretouched image credit: Those-Are-My-Real-Shoes Gaucher. Update: Sadly, the Stodgy is Sexy website is no more. SIGH.