Buddha v. Papa Bear

My daughter holding, literally, The Teachings of the Buddha at Goat Rope Farm.

Now and again, I read something that just cuts to the chase so well it almost defies analysis or explanation.  But it sure deserves sharing…….  

After a friend cryptically posted a lament that she could not protect her children from heartache and negativity, some well-meaning soul suggested that the Teachings of the Buddha could ease her mind.  Buddha taught that on the path to enlightenment, one inevitably encounters many trials and tribulations, but it is the manner in which one responds to those trials that leads to a higher plane and (presumably) a more enriched life.  

Great perspective.  Excellent life lesson.  Not bad advice.  Except for one little thing.  Enter, Papa Bear.  

Papa Bear proceeded to outline what had actually occurred.  A six-year-old little girl was subjected to demands to do 50 push ups by an older girl/authority figure outside of the observation of her parents.  I don’t have more details, but having a little one myself, I don’t need them.  Papa Bear’s retort to the well-meaning friend?  “Buddha can suck it.”  

Please understand I mean no disrespect to the Buddha or any other revered teacher or religious entity.  But it does have a wonderful quality when people fiercely protect their loved ones to the tune of everyone else — even deities and near such — can, well……what he said.