Yon Cassius

There is so much to love about the movie The Usual Suspects, it’s hard to know where to start sometimes.  I love this movie on every level, in large part because it’s not original in its story as much as its story telling.

The name of the movie comes from one of Casablanca‘s best-loved lines.  In a completely dead-pan response to an entirely predictable requisite response to gambling at Rick’s Place, the local police captain — a good friend of Rick’s — rolls off the command, “Round up the usual suspects.”

"You just need the will to do what the other guy won't."

So today’s question, gentle reader, is this:  What happens when rounding up the usual suspects meets Shakespeare?  We might find out soon, if you follow West Virginia politics.  I’ve been pretty bored with the succession to Senator Byrd melodrama, up until a new character came on the scene.

In this little state, you can get on bad lists sometimes, just for being honest and paying attention.  I’m not in a “get on a bad list” mood today, so I’ll just say this.  If you read this blog it means you like to think and talk about ideas, and therefore I think you can connect the dots when I say that not everyone assumed to be a non-threat is such.

And that is pretty cool.  My chip is on yon Cassius.

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