The Wisdom of Other Places

I love the take on life lessons and philosophies expressed by cultures other than my own.  I always end up seeing things in a richer and often more entertaining way.

"The lion while hunting does not roar."

Case in point:  A fortune cookie last week asked me to remember that “the lion while hunting doesn’t roar.”  I have never lived around lions, so this was not part of my wisdom bank until Iopened that cookie.  It makes perfect, beautiful sense, and now I know how to express an old idea in a new way.  Another favorite that was posted on my refrigerator for months was this saying from Bulgaria: “It is permissable to walk with the devil until you have crossed over the bridge.”  Well said.

From words we simply don’t have in English (deja vu) to metaphors North American culture can’t concoct, there are many wonderful ways to express life and its stories.  We are lucky to have access to global experiences when it comes to trying to figure it all out.

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