2 out of 3 Can Be Bad

I especially like her head.

Today we break from our regularly scheduled seriousness to capture a slice of life at the Kroger store.

“I want you.  I need you.  But there ain’t now way I’m ever gonna love you.  Don’t be sad….2 out of 3 ain’t bad.”

Well, it can be bad.  Say, when the missing #3 is, oh, I don’t know……LOVE!  I actually heard this on the radio as I was parking my car to go grocery shopping this week, and I was reminded how even as a little kid I thought, hmmmm…. this guy doesn’t seem to get it.

This was, much like a Seinfeld episode, the perfect set up for what happened next.

While chatting up a friendly fellow who was willing to take the time to talk about his motorcycle with my two year old, I learned that he and I both had daughters who were more interested in vehicles than dolls.  His daughters are now grown, he said, but he still kept all of their old Barbies in the attic.

“Oh yeah, we have some classics.  Some classics.  We even have the Princess Grace Barbie from 1959.”

Really?  Wow.  I never even knew there was one.  That must be really valuable.

“Sure is.  Very rare.  Just wish I could find the head………”

There are just some things you’re gonna need to make it all work. 

Like love.  And Princess Grace’s head.  I’m just sayin’.

2 thoughts on “2 out of 3 Can Be Bad

  1. Considering that the song in question was made popular by Meat Loaf, I think it’s possible that it was not intended to be taken at face value, much in the same way that Randy Newman does not actually hate short people. 🙂

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