Joke’s Over. Now What?

There is a political ad going viral directed at getting out the Democratic vote and produced by this week.  Move On used to be good at what they do, but this hyperbole and melodrama is unsettling and they just lost points.  Something about Republicans destroying the future, and all Americans having to take “corporate names” or some such craziness.  Move On needs a new name:  COME ON.

While the last election demonstrated the country was through with the Republicans’ antics, Democrats are now equal opportunity disappointments.  Apparently the scorched earth tactics of the Republican party have been adopted — diluted, albeit — by the Democrats.  Defeating Republican candidates at any cost is now all that matters.  However morally, ethically, or intellectually bankrupt a candidate’s techniques are has become irrelevant to most of those running.  Some state races demonstrate that Democrats are willing to abandon their own party philosophy and keep their name on the Democratic ticket, but run on principles that are in some cases completely counter to progressive or even moderate Democratic thinking.  The jokes just aren’t funny anymore.  While the Stewart/Colbert rallies were at first amusing, now they simply seem grotesque reflections of a painful dissolution of all rational discourse. 

Mr. Stewart and Mr. Colbert are smart enough to know this, and in fact I’m hoping in their hip pocket is the ultimate “gotcha” — that’s right folks, it’s not funny.  Glad you’re paying attention.  Now what are you willing to do about it?

Image credit: Occult origins of The Joker

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