Friday Night Light-Emitting Diods

After becoming aware that Santa Claus is supposed to show up at our house next month with an erupting volcano, I started to get nervous. 

The dinosaurs arrived last week, and the idea that they would have actual flowing lava to juice them up even more than they already were was unnerving.  They started making a lot of demands the previous weekend, and I found a package of raw hamburger meat dragged out of the refrigerator and strewn about the floor two days ago.  T Rex was all like, “Don’t look at me,” and I was like, “I am SO looking at you.  Who else?” 

He tried to pin it on the velociraptors but they ran out of the room.

Then like a gift from some kind of Jurassic Jehovah, the Discovery Kids Animated Volcano Lamp (complete with lava beads and colored LEDs, thank you)  appeared before my eyes last night at Rite Aid – and not a moment too soon.  At only $9.99 it’s contained, it’s quiet, and the lizards are all about it.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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