Wabi-Sabi: “To My Fellow Swimmers”

Wabi-Sabi: Wisdom from the Elders of the Hopi Nation.

Sunday is a day many people spend in reflection.  I am grateful to my friend Jim McKay for the opportunity to read this Prophecy delivered by the Elders of the Hopi Nation on June 8, 2000, at Oraibi Arizona.  I plan to re-read it many times.  This week I’ll be writing about fear, and I found the words of Jim’s post flow well into my own thinking about that issue.

I started to write that “Jim is a tireless advocate for children,” but truth be told it is tiring work for anyone.  I admire his passion, his tenacity, and his ability to always reach back with a strong hand to help others find the resolve to do the right thing.

Thank you, Jim.  For everything.

3 thoughts on “Wabi-Sabi: “To My Fellow Swimmers”

  1. I really appreciate this inspiring prophecy. I think everyone at our school can relate to it right now. I’ll be sure to share it with them.


    • Anyone working with children would do well to check in with Jim’s blog on a regular basis. Even if one does not do direct advocacy on health care, for example, it is impossible to compartmentalize (successfully) issues in child well being.

      Thanks for reading, and for sharing!

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