The Place Called Fairyland

The 2011 Essays on Childhood project asked writers to consider the role “place” played in their early years.

To my great amazement, the first completed essay defines place as the world of imagination, and childhood as both the writer’s own tender years as well as those of her grandchildren and future generations of children.

Childhood can be a place of magic that allows our lifelong visitation, if only we will believe and trust.  Thank you, Helen Basham, for opening my mind to what place can mean.

Enjoy this poem by Helen to stir your curiosity about Fairyland, and look for her essay to post soon!

Gossamer Wings

On gossamer wings, the fairies abound
Flooding my life without making a sound.
Sitting on flowers, hanging on trees,
Riding on bubbles, kissing skinned knees,
Tickling the funny bone, touching the heart,
Fanning the passion fires, shooting the dart,
Stirring up fantasy, taking my hand
To open the door to Fairyland.

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