The James River Writers – Bring Your “Writerly Appetite”

I’m going to the land of Jefferson, and though it’s not for several weeks, I am already thinking about it every day.  I’ll be moderating a panel of writers, each of whom will address issues in writing in multiple genres.

In early October, the James River Writers will hold their fall conference in Richmond, Virginia.  The link to the JRW blog is here: Exciting New Conference Details . . . . | jamesriverconference

“The quality of our speakers this year is fantastic–this is going to be the conference for everything from how to use social media to promote your work to hearing from great writers of every genre how they broke in to writing, how they find their “voice,”  why they write and what makes them tick. Expect to be inspired, enlightened, enriched, and definitely to network with agents, authors, and editors.” 

I really like this group’s style.  High standards, respect for writers and how they live their lives, diversity of perspectives, and straight-up Southern hospitality.  I also appreciate the interest expressed in the relevance of social media to writers and the importance of “face time” with professionals in connected fields like editing.

If you would like more information about the conference, please email those fine people at

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3 thoughts on “The James River Writers – Bring Your “Writerly Appetite”

  1. Dear Editor–I am impressed that you are moderating writers. Sounds like you are and are going to have a good time. Does straight up mean no ice or water?

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