Young Writers: The Bad Guy on Snail Road

I am working with various other adults to create a program in my community. It is called Charleston Young Writers and you can read more about it here:

This morning I simply want to share a delightful snippet of an original story by a friend’s daughter. It was posted as part of her mother’s Facebook status update, and I immediately begged to share it as an example of how even very young children can thrive in the joy of creative writing.

Without further ado….

Up, Up and Away the Sailboat and The Train Go | by Adrienne N., age not-quite-5

The Bad Guy went to Snail Road. The Bad Guy said, “Can you help me?”
The snail said, “I am delicious.”
He said, “Why are you delicious?” in a very strong voice.
The snail said, “Cause I’m delicious.”
The Bad Guy was very angry at the snail.

There is just something so uninhibited about this crazy rambling that reads almost like a Beat poem. The random and calmly persistent snail response, as well as the frustration of The Bad Guy to said response, reminds me of so many useless adult conflicts.

Shhhhh….they’re listening to us.

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