Intimacy Musings: Being There

I keep threatening to write something rather lengthy and formal about intimacy. I’m not sure ┬áthat I ever will, but I had an experience this morning that reminded me yet again how that kind of closeness and trust reaches beyond most other relationships.

The doorbell rang. A friend I haven’t spoken to or even emailed with in the better part of a year was on the doorstep. “Here,” she said. She handed me three different containers of alcohol. “I need to get these out of my house.”

You don’t have to drive to my house to get rid of alcohol. You can just pour it down the drain. Sometimes, a person drives to your house because they need you. They need you to know they are in trouble, and they trust you to help.

We have choices, don’t we?

We can accept things at face value, or we can choose to see what people are trying to tell us.

I need you.

I remember the line in the John Cusack film Say Anything, when the girl who broke his heart shows up and says, “I need you.” He asks, “Do you need someone, or do you just need me?”

She hesitates. I think she hesitates because she really doesn’t know the answer.

Then he says, “It doesn’t matter.”

Building intimacy is about letting it not matter. It’s about being there, without too many questions. Just be there.