my, what a big fig leaf you have | peaceful black bear

I don’t do a lot of re-blogging other people’s posts, but this one is worth my quota.

good soul-work — men’s work, women’s work, recovery work, therapy, bioenergetic work, spiritual work, and so on — helps us truly feel and look at the aprons of large, life-controlling strategies like shame and addiction and rage and victimhood, and realize they’re not who we are at our core, they’re things we have done for a long time that feel like who we are but in fact are tools. and some don’t fit anymore and are no longer necessary. to keep growing and maturing, i have to release them. take off the apron. get naked and vulnerable.

but i don’t want to. i’m scared. so i sew together big leaves, then add more, then more still, meant to cover the vulnerable parts of my emotions and selfhood – not from anybody else, but from myself.

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my, what a big fig leaf you have | peaceful black bear.

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