Look! Show and Tell!

My very good friend and fellow writer Katharine Herndon tagged me in this game.

“From one of your writing works in progress, search for the word LOOK. Paste surrounding paragraphs and share, then tag others to do the same.”

Here is the first appearance of “look” in a story I was working on just today for Eric Douglas‘s latest project, River Town. It’s a first draft, but I like where it is headed.



“Lill, over here!” shouted Michael. He was about thirty yards ahead of her in the woods down a trail behind their house. Her brother was three years older than she, and had gained a distinct advantage over her in strength and speed in the past year. Lillian took a deep breath and pushed away from a small poplar tree to propel herself forward. The terrain was sloped, as was all of River Town any distance from the river bank. In the next step she was reaching back for the same tree to slow her descent to a more even grade where she could run to her brother. By the time she caught up she could not speak, so she avoided speech and simply shrugged. “There, look,” he said, “Right there, that pile of stones.” Michael gestured with a three-foot length of Maple he had retrieved on the walk.

“I see it,” said Lillian. “Why are they like that?”

“Because,” hissed her brother, his face now inches from her own, “Because they hold down the dead.”

 — from They Hold Down the Dead | A River Town Story by Elizabeth Gaucher

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