“For Later” — Advent Ghosts 2012

From the back of the church the crèche scene glowed softly from the manger. A lone wise man shuffled, heavy, and knelt. “Where are the others?” whispered the pastor but there was no response. Lifting a leaden urn, the sheet-wrapped stranger only whispered, “For later.”

There was supposed to be gold. There should have been frankincense. There should have been more to praise the child. Where were the shepherds, the angels, the gifts? Instead, left behind was an analgesic known to numb pain and heal wounds.

As he passed me in the pew, I heard him say again, “For later.”

You can read some background thoughts on this 100-word story here: Light is the First Thing to Go. Read other entries in this annual storytelling event here: I Saw Lightning Fall.

11 thoughts on ““For Later” — Advent Ghosts 2012

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  2. Ok, first: fantastic! Suspense, creepy church, great descriptives without the chronic abuse of punctuation found in other writings.
    Second: I’m truly riding that ACDC title as all I can think of is the after-party hangover…. 😉
    Post more, Chica! Love them! (Dammit-I did it again!! And again….)

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