“Unwanted” — Advent Ghosts 2012

“I don’t like this one,” my daughter said, handing me the perfect, brand-new doll. “There’s something wrong with her.” The doll’s hair was glossy black, her clothing immaculate, each tiny fingernail a flawless oval.

I sighed and carried the last toy of Christmas over to my husband. “I didn’t know you bought her this one. She doesn’t like it.” He looked at me, eyes wide, then at the empty space under the tree. “I didn’t buy that. I’ve never seen it before.” I turned the thing’s face to me, saw eyes with scars, and dropped it to the brick hearth.


You can read some background thoughts on this 100-word story here: Light is the First Thing to GoRead other entries in this annual storytelling event here: I Saw Lightning Fall.

23 thoughts on ““Unwanted” — Advent Ghosts 2012

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  2. It was a My Twinn doll!! LOVE to read my fiends’ (and friends’-freakin autocorrect) stories! So short but perfectly complete! Loved it! Can’t wait for Loma to read it and see if she makes the same horrific connection to her own past Christmas!!

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