“Vacancy” — Advent Ghosts 2013


Raking his fingers through his hair, he paused at the temples. She was silent, eyes tight with increasing pain.

Filthy, really, where he’d sent her to finish but he couldn’t have her bleeding inside. And maybe she was a screamer. No one wanted to hear that.

His animals were circling, facing the doorway where the woman entered. He saw them from his bedroom window. He could see everything. He pulled a blanket over his head to shut out the light.

Tomorrow, that woman and whoever else was with her now had to go. He would make sure they were gone.

(Read more 100-word creepy stories from a range of writers on I Saw Lightening Fall’s Advent StorytellingCheck out my stories from previous years here.)

18 thoughts on ““Vacancy” — Advent Ghosts 2013

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  2. I was always taught that stable owner was such a kindly man. Who really knew him, eh? Such a great little character sketch. Good job! (And thanks for reading mine, Elizabeth.)

    • Thanks, John! Yeah, for some reason I never could buy into the idea that any man who would put a woman in labor in a barn was a particularly good guy. If he were a really good guy, we’d hear how he gave her his room. 🙂 (Don’t you just love this thing Loren’s got going?)

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