• I’m Sorry You Scare Me

    Elizabeth Gaucher:

    It’s an honor to have some work up over at BREVITY today, thinking about the highs and lows of literary intimacy. I hope you’ll give it a read. Thank you!

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    Elizabeth Gaucher Elizabeth Gaucher

    For those on our email list, an unfinished version of this post went out yesterday, our fault, not the author’s! Please enjoy the full version.

    A guest post from Elizabeth Gaucher:

    “I think I have to apologize for something,” the message from my longtime friend read. “At first I thought I need to apologize for not reading your latest published piece, but I think I have to apologize for or admit to something deeper.”

    I felt my brows rise. This was coming from one of my oldest and dearest friends, someone who is also a writer, and it felt like a warning flare. I took a deep breath and read on into the mysterious sin. She had in fact finally read my column about the writing life for an online nonfiction journal. She was really moved by it. She apologized for not reading it sooner, admitting she wasn’t…

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  • Missing the Days

    Elizabeth Gaucher:

    Faith, theology, and The Velveteen Rabbit.

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    Dear John,

    Two questions for you –

    1. What, if anything, keeps you awake at night? and 2. Do you ever wonder if you got the whole God thing wrong?

    Here’s a little elaboration on question 2. I’ve loved Jesus since I was a girl. Took it to heart in my teens. Studied apologetics in my 20s, engaged the critics. I’ve had many (not myriad) encounters with God that were miraculous to me at the time, some of which are remarkable to me still. Got married, got happy, got babies, got busy, got tired, lost some brain cells, had my share of heartache/pain. Moved lots in between.

    Now I’m older, wiser, know my way around depression, fear, despair.  Watching the news, reading the internet, it would appear that faith is an antiquated thing.  Science and faith are at odds and smart people don’t believe in God. I’ve got lots of…

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